A Ridge to No Bear - hot gay list

his week we have 23 year old Ridge Michaels back in the house. Ridge is originally from Florida's west coast and a definite fan favorite. Ridge might be more excited to be here than usual since he's going to help us welcome new comer, J Kohl. J is 21 years old and has a well-stocked arsenal for seduction. He is tall, hung, handsome, has dark featured and slate blue eyes. Oklahoma got it right when they put this package together. We asked these studs what the last purchase they treated themselves to. Ridge bought himself a new iPad and loves it. J bought himself a new phone. We then turned to matters of a more graphic nature and asked them if their past lovers could nominate them in a sexual category what they would win an award for. Ridge says he would take the 'Most Romantic' category while J says he would sweep 'Best Oral'. (Dually noted) In closing we asked them in their opinion what distinguishes good sex from great sex. 'Connection' answers Ridge. A great connection can really make things pop.

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